Q: How do I maintain and clean my hardwood flooring?

Now that you have invested in hardwood flooring here are a few things that you should know

As with any floor covering material, a few moments of care and a little common sense can go a long way in keeping your Hardwood floor looking its best. Here are a few simple suggestions:

  • Never clean your hardwood floor with water. Do not use any wax or cleaner that needs to be mixed with water, such as Murphy’s Oil Soap – water can dull the finish and permanently damage your floor. We sell a hardwood cleaner just for wood floors.
  • Use doormats wherever your wood joins an outside doorway to keep grit and dirt from being tracked in. Grit will scratch your floor. Outside, you may want to invest in a mat for further protection. Do not use rubber mats, foam backed rugs or plastic as they may discolour the floor. Prevent slippage by using an underlay made for the job. Do not use carpet without an underlay. The underlay will protect your floor from the rough backing of the carpet. Move rugs occasionally to avoid uneven colour changes of the wood due to strong light.
  • Keep high heels in good repair. A person in stiletto heels weighing 125lb exerts around 2000lb of pressure per square inch.
  • Sweep or vacuum (with brush attachment only) as often as required to remove loose dirt or grit before it can scratch and damage your floor. Wipe up spills as soon as possible before they get sticky or dry. Remove dried spills with a cloth dampened with wood floor cleaner. Wood and water do not mix so NEVER wet mop a wood floor.
  • Always use felt protector pads on chairs, tables, etc., and anything else that may move over your floor. Always lift furniture. Never drag items across the floor. When moving heavy items, place a towel or blanket underneath and slide the item gently. Proper chair rollers are available for hardwood flooring at most business/office depot stores.
  • A humidifier is recommended to prevent excessive shrinkage in floors due to low humidity. Humidity levels of 35% - 55% are recommended. In damp conditions, air conditioners or de-humidifiers are recommended to decrease moisture levels.
  • Dents, scratches, etc., are unfortunately something that all hard surfaces suffer from, however a little care and maintenance can prevent most common occurrences. There are scratch removers available at your local box store to help disguise regular wear and tear. Animals take some time to get used to the slippery surface of wood floors – try to keep them from “skating” on floors as it’s likely their nails with scratch the surface.

Wood will age gracefully. Like a new car, the glorious “shine” can last forever with proper maintenance.  With proper care your floor will keep its natural and beautiful look for years.  We hope you enjoy your floor for many years to come!