You can choose from many thousands of carpet styles, unique patterns, texture and enjoy incredible colour versatility providing you with a flooring choice that will reflect how you want to personalize your living space. 

A look and feel that is completely adaptable; whether you’re going for an elegant, sophisticated sense of decor or looking for an option that is comfy and casual, carpet is a possibility to look forward to that you can definitely sink your toes into!

On top of versatility, carpet provides actual thermal resistance or R-value and in colder climates (Canadian winters) or seasons carpeting will retain warm air longer, a tremendous energy conservation benefit. As far as efficiency goes, energy is not the only benefit. With our move to home theatre systems and electronically manipulated homes carpeting provides an incredible cushion to absorb sound and noise and can also be employed as a sound barrier between floors.

It was once believed that carpet would aggravate symptoms of allergies or asthma but it’s quite the opposite, as dust particles fall to the floor they are trapped by carpet fibers instead of continuing to circulate throughout the air holding them ‘til you vacuum them up for good.

Carpet also softens slips and falls, perfect for any young family that furthermore provides a comfortable place to sit, play or move around.

Carpeting is incredibly durable and will maintain its life and beauty for many years to come when properly cleaned, vacuumed and maintained. Carpet is high-performing and durable which looks new for a long time which provides tremendous value to your investment. Each carpet and manufacturer warranties their product and work against defect and wear, contact one of our flooring specialists today!

Here on our website and at our large, spacious and centrally located showroom, you’ll discover one of northern Ontario’s largest selections of home flooring options. Our knowledgeable flooring specialists will be able to aid you and answer any questions that you have regarding design, layout and care of your new flooring installation or next renovation project and we can provide the highest quality installation on all of the products that we retail.