With a striking, natural beauty and a unique look of its own, cork flooring is available in several different textures, patterns, colours and tones. The exclusive natural qualities of cork make it ideal to use in most flooring applications as it is highly durable, reduces sound, provides an optimal floor temperature throughout the year and is comfortable to walk on. 

Firm and flexible, cork flooring is extremely comfortable to walk on due to cork´s natural and inherent flexibility that provides unique comfort for everyone in the family including the family pet! The characteristic comfort level of cork flooring allows minimal leg, back and foot stress due to its natural flexibility.

Cork flooring is the great insulator providing both a unique thermal insulation as well as generous sound insulation. This directly relates to providing you with an optimal floor temperature all year round, assuring a warmer and comfortable ambience with energy cost savings all the while dulling the sounds and noise of a busy home creating a quieter and peaceful environment.

A rapidly renewable resource and environmentally friendly alternative, cork has a unique natural memory that differentiates itself from other flooring options and will bounce back from most hard impacts while retaining its elasticity. Trees are not harvested in production, harvesting of the bark actually encourages tree growth and will regenerate itself within nine years.

An incredibly durable wear resistance surface combined with a flooring option that is as beautiful as it is comfortable will provide a perfect look for many years to come.

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