Solid Hardwood

From a standpoint of beauty and durability, hardwood certainly answers the call and is by far the most asked about product at Surface Design & Décor and the hardwood styles, options and applications are more diverse and stunning than ever.

As the consumer demand for hardwood flooring has developed and so has our manufacturer’s ability to produce enhanced quality finishes and top-quality construction techniques. The result of those developments provide better value on products that can now be installed throughout the home or office and over an extensive variety of sub-floors.

The timeless, elegant look of a hardwood floor can add warmth and character to any room so much so that almost every other flooring type tries emulate this visual appeal. A natural floor covering it is your eco-friendly choice, a very hard surface it can last for decades requiring little maintenance and creates a healthy environment by minimizing the effects of many dust allergies.

Solid wood flooring is available in a variety of colours that will fit any décor or project. Contemporary wood flooring come in a number of different species, spanning the spectrum of colour options, hardness and value. No matter what the style or look you want to achieve, there are a variety of species to compliment. While woods like oak, maple and birch are still popular there has been a rise in the demand for non-traditional North American woods like hickory, walnut and cherry. 

As a flooring alternative, hardwood offers many features and benefits to your home, one of your most treasured possessions that not only adds beauty, style and versatility to your décor but also adds value to your home at resale time.

Here on our website and at our large, spacious and centrally located showroom, you’ll discover one of northern Ontario’s largest selections of home flooring options. Our knowledgeable flooring specialists will be able to aid you and answer any questions that you have regarding design, layout and care of your new flooring installation or next renovation project and we can provide the highest quality installation on all of the products that we retail.